Justin's Journal

Dec 6th, 2004   I Have Too Much
Jan 10th, 2005   The Shame...
Feb 21st, 2005   Cut Off
Mar 20th, 2005   I'm Never Ready
Mar 21st, 2005   Gone Camping
Apr 8th, 2005   Lunch at Wendy's
May 23rd, 2005   Love Bird
Jul 29th, 2005   Death From Above
Aug 4th, 2005   It Looks the Same
Aug 15th, 2005   Leaving the Nest
Aug 30th, 2005   "Home"
Sep 19th, 2005   Roommates
Nov 18th, 2005   Hell if I know.
Dec 12th, 2005   Ongoing Investigation
Feb 6th, 2006   Jack the Original
Feb 19th, 2006   After the Rain
Mar 10th, 2006   Gotta Feed the Machine
Apr 3rd, 2006   Knowledge is Power
Apr 17th, 2006   Day Trip to Las Vegas
May 1st, 2006   Harmony of the Spirit
Jun 2nd, 2006   In Deep...
Jun 19th, 2006   Life + Cat
Jul 2nd, 2006   Birthday
Jul 24th, 2006   Comicon
Sep 18th, 2006   His Tractor's Got Rims
Nov 25th, 2006   Art is Terror
Dec 3rd, 2006   Because We Can
Dec 29th, 2006   Stranger in a Strange Land
Jan 15th, 2007   Texas Hold'em Massacre
Feb 12th, 2007   Homecoming
Mar 2nd, 2007   He's Got the Right Idea
Mar 19th, 2007   Saint Patrick's Day
Jun 25th, 2007   Hello Goodnight
Jul 9th, 2007   Go With the Flow
Sep 8th, 2007   A Nightmare
Oct 5th, 2007   The Earth Bit Me
Feb 22nd, 2008   Things I Did this Weekend Instead of Drawing a Comic
Mar 14th, 2008   Now in Teriyaki
Mar 24th, 2008   Handicapable
Apr 18th, 2008   Delivery
May 2nd, 2008   Great
Nov 3rd, 2008   Kittens are Brave
Nov 17th, 2008   I Can Has Cat?

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