Greetings Traveler

Mon, April 12 2004 - 12:52 AM
by: Justin

To dream is human, to endeavor, superhuman. You sit at the threshold of a dream come to life, for that I thank you.

I know, I know... the avatars, the news layout... one of my big influences was obviously Penny-Arcade. I tried to get the name "Nickel-Arcade" but it was already, no. I kid, I kid. Hey, they say imitation is the greatest compliment. Who do they think they are anyway?

I'm proud to say that this webcomic isn't explicitly about video games or the like. Not that Iím opposed to those, I practically tuck my GBA by my side every night. The focus here is a little more... prodigious. Although this comic may not poke fun at the latest video games or Mac abominations, and although I can not promise that every comic will be comedy gold, I can promise you that it will always, always be free.

I guess if you had to classify this site, I'd say that this site is about love. Love of gaming, love of humor, love of anime, I suspect this site is about all things awesome. Myself and my friend and webdesigner Patrick are devout Penny-Arcade readers. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Gabe and Tycho, comics will be updated once a week, but eventually it shall spread to other unsuspecting weekdays like some hilarious disease.

More News as it develops, here at Masters of the Art dot com. Patrick?



Links, Images, and Webpages, Oh My!

Mon, April 12 2004 - 8:34 AM
by: Patrick

Over the past month I've kept myself pretty busy doing all the coding for the site and getting it up and ready to go live. As that time has now come upon us, it strikes me that the first and most inevitable rule of website programming is eagerly anticipating to rear its ugly head back at me: that which might be a bad link, shall be a bad link, and that which might be a broken image, shall be a broken image. In light of this ever-valid property, I would like the multitude of readers out there to be in constant pursuit of such website inconsistencies as these. So if you happen to spot a bad link or a broken image, or if you just have a general comment or question regarding the functionality of the site, please drop me an email about it and I'll do my best. Thank you for your feedback.

- Patrick


Yes, I Live in a Cave

Wed, April 14 2004 - 12:19 AM
by: Justin

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I only just saw Kill Bill tonight. When my friends went to see it I was out of town, ergo, I've gone about 1/37th of my life hearing things like:

"Oh man, and the part where she is fucking amazing!"
"You mean the whole movie!?"
"Hahahahaha! C'mon Justin don't you remember- oh right... you didn't see it."
Well, no more! I too now wait in anticipation and good faith for the second coming. Quentin Tarantino is obviously an incredible anomaly in the universe. Just type his name in Google and there is evidence that he is some kind of supernatural being. To say nothing of his famous and exceptionally killer movies Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

The soundtrack, the anime sequence, the ludicrously amazing fight choreography, the movie is a knockout. I mean it doesn't take a demi-god director to know that samurai blades + anything = rad, but this movie is beyond rad. I would go so far as to say it's a glorious extravaganza of awesome. That's right, it has touched me so deeply that the word 'awesome' has crossed the division of adjectives and nouns.

Anyway I for one loved Kill Bill and will definitely be seeing the sequel this Friday. One of many awe-inspiring quotes comes to mind, "I can tell you with no ego that this is my finest blade. If, on your journey, you should encounter God... God will be cut." If God should see this movie, God may reconsider vengeance as a sin. Cause c'mon, it is so cool.



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