Pussy Galore

Fri, January 28 2005 - 3:30 AM
by: Justin

The title isn't just vulgar, it's a James Bond reference. You know, tuxedo, James Bond, Pussy Galore? Aw forget it.

So school is looking scary. I'm taking this biology class, human anatomy. I'm sure most of you have dissected something at some point. Hell, most of you probably liked it. But not me. I was the only kid who opted to do ridiculous paperwork instead of dissecting the fetal pig in my highschool biology class. It's not that I regret that decision. The teacher had me in a separate room while she had to observe the rest of the class, so when I was done I got to walk around the campus till class was out and the stench of pig fetuses had soaked well into the skin of each student. But the point is Iíve never dissected anything, and this human anatomy class promises the dissection of a cat, a pig heart, a cow eye, and on top of that, we get to examine cadavers. No full-blown autopsies till the next class. Furthermore, I don't know how it is at other colleges, but at mine it's not uncommon to hear a professor say "I realize you have a life outside of this class, so..." Well, my human anatomy teacher said this, "for the next 17 weeks, human anatomy is your life."

Needless to say, Iím worried.



The Supernatural Factor

Fri, January 28 2005 - 12:49 PM
by: Patrick

It's been quite a busy week - labs, homework, a quiz, plus a number of other academic things which have detained me from almost every prospect of fun. I did manage to spare a reasonable allotment of time, maybe somewhere in the range of three to four hours, for Black & White, and that's been enjoyable. I have little basis for making the assumption that I'm progressing well in the game, but I just plain old feel like I am. I mean, my villagers seem to like me, my cow creature is down with learning, and nothing has gone terribly awry as of yet. To further the point, in just a few short hours I managed to teach my creature that poop eating is not a virtue but rather a sin. Well, come to think of it, that's actually one piece of street smarts that he picked up on his own. The only thing which I find mildly troublesome, and that may be an understatement, is my cow's propensity to devour the animals of his same species. Somehow it just strikes me as wrong, but he seems to like them, so I guess that's cool.

One of my roommates is nearly crazy for the Madden NFL games, particularly the latest installment, Madden 2005. When he isn't studying, sleeping, or eating he regularly plays Madden. During these gaming breaks he sits and controls his simulated team intensely while the avuncular voice of John Madden bursts from the speakers with suitably ridiculous commentary. Startlingly, I usually find this whole event entirely fascinating and if I can spare a few moments I try to catch as much of the game as I can. Recently it became clear to me that these acts pronounce me a "sim football fan", which is probably right in there on the social ladder just above hobo secretary. I came to thinking that should some deity of grand power choose one of these times to determine the importance of my existence, to weigh my contribution to world as either useful or futile, the outcome would be positively the latter. I guess that's just something that I'll have to accept.

- Patrick


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